Phenikaa MaaS and the contribution in the fight against COVID-19

From 2020 until now, Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC has made practical contributions in the prevention of Covid-19 through the application of core technology to build Epidemiological Map (CovidMap), Map of Traffic Locks – Circulation of Goods in many provinces and cities, and at the same time support the Ho Chi Minh City government to deploy and update information about mobile food bus on BusMap application.

Covid epidemiological map - The new defense to protect people from the risk of community infection

Facing the complicated situation of the epidemic in Da Nang, since August 2020, Phenikaa MaaS has cooperated with Da Nang Public Service Center to build CovidMap that can visually display information about local Covid-19 cases, help people to track the overall context of the epidemic situation, the travel history of patients and people with close contact, as well as the region medical isolation, checkpoints and related epidemiological history, etc. Therefore, people will easily identify the route of people infected with Covid-19 and concentrated isolation points to not move to.


CovidMap Da Nang

By using bMap technology developed by Phenikaa MaaS, CovidMap can meet a large amount of traffic without much operating costs. In addition, the use of bMap helps local authorities control 100% of the content displayed on the map, ensuring rights and information security.

Currently, the map is being deployed for free in 18 provinces and cities including An Giang, Bac Giang, Bac Kan, Can Tho, Da Nang, Dong Nai, Gia Lai, Ha Nam, Ha Tinh, Hai Duong, Khanh Hoa, Lam Dong, Lang Son, Phu Yen, Quang Nam, Quang Ninh, Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc... Until now, the CovidMap has had more than 2 million people accessing regularly to view information about the epidemic situation. These solutions are all supported by Phenikaa MaaS for free to share the burden with local authorities in Covid-19 prevention.

Map of Traffic Locks – Circulation of Goods

Responding to the directive to ensure safe production and circulation of goods, the Central Secretariat Officials assigned the Youth Central Committee to coordinate with the Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC to deploy Map of Traffic Locks – Circulation of Goods at 38 gateways of 19 provinces and cities with national highway 1A running from Da Nang to Ca Mau.

This online map will update four traffic statuses: "Clear, Crowded, Slightly Congested and Unable to move'' continuously according to the actual situation at the cargo traffic terminals at homepage luuthonghanghoa.doan thanh

The green-flow map is built as a web app to be fully compatible with use on the phone, has a friendly interface and requires absolutely no installation. The volunteers can easily update information about traffic conditions at the checkpoint as well as allowing drivers to access and capture information with just a few taps on their phones. The map is built user-friendly, simple to operate and easy to use, that's why traffic flow will be smoother and more time-saving when both dispatcher and drivers can grasp the situation of the neighboring checkpoints, creating conditions for both sides to cooperate with traffic in the most reasonable way.

Map of Traffic Locks – Circulation of Goods

Map of Traffic Locks – Circulation of Goods

To ensure the security and accuracy of the updated traffic status on the green-flow map is true to reality, at each lock, there will be an account set up. This will ensure that the information updated on the map is correct and has been verified by competent persons. With the strength of exclusive map technology and flexible customization, the green-flow map is one of Phenikaa MaaS's technology products to contribute and promote digital transformation in Vietnam. Scope of information technology application in smooth circulation of goods will continue to be combined by Phenikaa MaaS with related parties to jointly research and expand, to ensure timely support and information provision traffic at destinations, cargo gathering points... at checkpoints for transport drivers loading goods as well as ensuring the smooth process of the supply chain of necessities for customers provinces.

Through its technology products, Phenikaa MaaS demonstrates the pioneer spirit, actively contributes to the sustainable development of the social community, strives to become a leading technology consultant, providing the most efficient and effective solutions, products and services in the field of smart transportation and smart cities. The goal that Phenikaa MaaS always pursues is being able to contribute to promoting the process of national digital transformation, improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises in the direction of sustainability and environmental friendliness for a smart and good life.

Mobile food bus

Phenikaa MaaS has coordinated with the city authority and local businesses in Ho Chi Minh City to deploy mobile food buses by updating information timely and accurately on the BusMap app so people can shop for food easily, contributing to stabilizing the social security situation during the Covid-19 epidemic.

When the disease broke out in the South, the Ho Chi Minh City authority implemented many activities to ensure social security, and at the same time ensure effective epidemic prevention. One of the solutions to attract the attention of the community is the implementation of ten mobile buses selling goods every day, making it easy for people to buy food. Goods will be transported by bus to the point of sale, and the point of sale will be changed daily to meet the demand for food in each residential area.

For people to actively update information, schedules and locations of these buses, Phenikaa MaaS has integrated the food bus's data on the smart transportation app BusMap (integrated with artificial intelligence and BigData). When accessing, the BusMap application will display the operating schedule of the sales buses, from which people can easily reach the nearest point of sale, avoid crowds, comply with 5K rules and regulations epidemic prevention and control.

Mobile food bus

Mobile food truck information on BusMap

The three applications mentioned above are smart and practical technology solutions that actively support the government and people in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, especially in the complicated situation of epidemics in the southern region. According to Mr. Le Yen Thanh, CEO of Phenikaa MaaS, the company is always ready to help local authorities develop information technology integration plans to boost their efforts in disease prevention. With the spirit and culture of a conscious business enterprise, through technology products, Phenikaa MaaS hopes to contribute to the sustainable development of the community and become the leading provider of smart transportation and smart city solutions, pushing the nation forward to the full digital transformation, enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises and a better, smarter life in line with sustainable and eco-friendly actions.

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