Smart Company

A service package for the digital transformation of company operations

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Main features
Employee pickup and drop off fleet management system

Fleet management
The solution to optimally manage and control the operation process of employee pickup/drop-off vehicles.

Internal communication feature

Internal communication
Help enterprises send information to employees easily via Push Notification on app to reduce the SMS cost

Event launching
Hold sport events with heath-running feature to boost the sportsmanship and bind employees together

HR management

Smart check-in
Use Face ID, QR Code, smart card or GPS technology to check in and support HR in daily attendance check.

Smart HR management
An efficient workplace check-in and HR management system that reduce the time and cost spent on these processes

Application for employees

Help employees easily look up for information of the company and for daily workplace check-in, leave permission, internal discussion, and send feedbacks to HR department

And some additional advanced features
Attendance system for branches

Employees can easily get attendance check at any branch location

Smart running feature

Assisting companies in organizing running contests. Workers use the application to easily participate in the contest when ensured the security of company data.

Our projects

Smart Company
Phenikaa Group App

Digital transformation application for Phenikaa corporation with full features for HR management, fleet management and internal communication.

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