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Typical service packages that have been implemented in big projects

No matter what industry you are working in, contact us whenever you need to optimize the mobility process and upgrade your enterprise's management system.

Smart School

Smart School service package helps schools and parents to track student's journeys and support multi-aspect connection.

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Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility service package helps enterprises and authorities to easily manage vecicle system and mobility.

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Smart Port

Automated Container Code Recognition with AI on the Edge technology

Smart Company

A service package for the digital transformation of company operations

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Highlights of the packages

Top security

The service is provided within an in-house process that assure high security.

Flexible customization

Open system that easily be integrated with customization based on customers' needs.

Lean design

The package is designed to be smart and lean based on previously optimized solutions.

Maximum support

Phenikaa MaaS provide customers with implementation guidelines and support them throughout the time they use our products.

Competitive price

Our service is built with in-house proprietary technology, and all products are certified.


Solution packages are tested and implemented quickly to meet customer's needs.

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