Traffic statistic

Traffic statistic management
Traffic violation
Count the number of vehicles
Use the "Line crossing detection" algorithm to count the number of vehicles. Help to control the quantity of the vehicle to avoid local congestion
Classification of means of transport
Use the shape recognition algorithm based on AI learned data to identify and classify vehicles (2 wheels, 4 wheels, 4 seats, 7 seats, truck, coach...) to help control and forecast potential congestions and provide timely solutions
Use the ""Vehicle direction recognition"" algorithm to determine the turning direction. Suggest the right turning way for vehicles or predict potential congestion points based on the quantity and moving directions
Traffic signal information
Use the algorithm to recognize the color signals of traffic lights to determine the conditions for allowing the vehicle to move or stop at the intersection
  • Count the number of vehicles
  • Classification of means of transport
  • Direction
  • Traffic signal information
Speed Violation
Using an algorithm to calculate speed based on time, distance and identify the same license plate in the area to signal a speed violation.
Traffic signal violation
Combining the "Traffic light color signal recognition" algorithm and the direction of travel with the intersection detection algorithm to warn vehicles violating the red light when crossing the limit line on the road.
Violation of signs
The algorithm for recognizing types of traffic signs combines the direction of travel and the restricted area and the intersection detection algorithm to identify and report vehicles violating the signal on the prohibited sign in a specific area. body.
Violation of the forbidden zone
The algorithm will identify prohibited zones, detect people or vehicles entering that area and alert the manager.
  • Speed Violation
  • Traffic signal violation
  • Violation of signs
  • Violation of the forbidden zone
Demo of license plate recognition
Select and upload a picture of the vehicle with the license plate
Conditions for uploading file images:
  • File size must be less than 3MB (3192KB).
  • Recommended image resolution: 1280 × 720 pixels (HD).
  • The best recognition character height is from 25 - 75 pixels.
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Traffic statistic
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Traffic statistic
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Traffic statistic
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