EEMS Solution

Entrance and exit management system
Vehicle tracking in and out
Vehicle information identification
Identify and distinguish vehicles by number plates, colors, and brands. Store the analyzed data in the system
Goods by vehicle
Read the product serial number, store and compare product images over time
Vehicle arrival and departure time
Based on vehicle information, report vehicle parking duration at internal zones, average time of arriving and depaturing of vehicles at the gate.
Time, number of cars in and out
Kiểm soát được số lượng phương tiện trong nội khu thông qua thuật toán đo đếm số lượng xe vào và số lượng xe ra để đảm bảo mật độ. Tránh gây tình trạng ùn tắc cục bộ vào những giờ cao điểm
Time and frequency of cars in and out
Based on vehicle information, process data over time, provide frequency and classification of vehicles according to business needs
Identify surface damage of goods
Utilize algorithms to collate based on image data since the first time product recorded and subsequent times
Barrier automation
Analyzed license plate data from videos will be collated with the enterprise stored data to systematize the automatic barrier activation function
  • Vehicle information identification
  • Goods by vehicle
  • Vehicle arrival and departure time
  • Time, number of cars in and out
  • Time and frequency of cars in and out
  • Identify surface damage of goods
  • Barrier automation
Demo of license plate recognition
Select and upload a picture of the vehicle with the license plate
Conditions for uploading file images:
  • File size must be less than 3MB (3192KB).
  • Recommended image resolution: 1280 × 720 pixels (HD).
  • The best recognition character height is from 25 - 75 pixels.
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