Security Solution

Regional Security Management
Regional Security Management
Regional Security Management
Utilize face recognition and zoning algorithm to calculate the number of people gathering at the area and provide information about number of groups and number of people in each group
Crossing the forbidden area
Utilize alorithm to identify restricted and dangerous areas to detect human behaviors when entering and give warnings.
Areas allowed to move
Utilize algorithm to determine moving direction to forecast behaviors and arrange a movement diagram. Detects wrong moving directions to give warnings.
Suspicious action
Apply algorithms to analyse human behaviors such as walking, standing, sitting combined with the infomation of forbidden zones and movement directions to make predictions about suspicious behaviors
Identify personal information
Manage infomation and assign roles to individuals in the watching area.
  • Regional Security Management
  • Crossing the forbidden area
  • Areas allowed to move
  • Suspicious action
  • Identify personal information
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