Smart Port solution – Smart cargo port model


Smart Port model

When commercial operations grow, the demand for commodities to be transported through ports grows as well, putting a lot of pressure on management. Ports must now not only meet area and equipment requirements but also ensure that commodities can be moved in the most convenient and effective manner possible. Faced with this rising demand, the largest port is no longer the best option but instead the smartest port.

Smart port is a port model that applies automation technologies based on IoT, AI, and Big Data to create a scientific port management system with optimal performance.  Small and medium cargo ports will be able to compete effectively with larger ports at that time. Furthermore, port operators may use technology to create more value, enhance productivity, and reduce expenses and other resources.

Cargo ports are often too large and too frequently used to be fully digitized. However, with the strong development of new technology and pioneering units in providing advanced and outstanding technology solutions, smart port construction projects in Vietnam have taken their first steps with successful and positive results.

Smart Port solution from Phenikaa MaaS

Image of using Smart Port in cargo port management

Phenikaa MaaS' Smart Port solution - smart port is expected to help cargo and inland transportation companies cut expenses and increase their competitiveness. Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR), Vehicle License Plate Recognition (ALPR), and driver face and behavioral recognition (bHub) are all included in this solution bundle. Smart Port, when combined with AI on the Edge technology, will be the ideal tool for developing intelligent management systems at enterprises and cargo ports to help automate manual procedures, enhance efficiency, and speed the transportation industry's digital transformation.

Normal cameras will become AI cameras with ACCR, ALPR, and driver face recognition features after being connected with the Smart Port system. Smart Port will assist in counting and automatically identifying the number of container vehicles and drivers entering and leaving the port on a daily basis, providing detailed statistics on license plates and container numbers, driver identification, recording the date and time of vehicles entering and leaving the port, and automatically taking photos for each vehicle in and out, even if the license plate and container number are dirty, rusted, or discolored, making them more difficult to read than regular license plates.

The bHub AI Box device using AI on the Edge technology is being deployed at Tien Sa Port - Da Nang.

The system will simultaneously process, store and synchronize the recorded information with the port's management system in real time. An automatic identification system is also built-in to push information into the unit's common ERP portal. With Edge AI, these actions will be performed in milliseconds, thereby helping the port's system to automatically calculate the position of the container and notify the loading and unloading position of the container for the driver at the port's entrance in a short time. The Smart Port model will be an effective solution to reduce the waiting time of container trucks at the gate to perform manual checks as before, thereby helping to overcome the problem of congestion at areas inside and outside the port at peak hours.

Smart Port and future potentials

The Phenikaa MaaS Smart Port system has been piloted at a number of significant ports, including Tien Sa Port (Da Nang), and has gotten a lot of positive feedback. In the future, we will attempt to broaden the model's application breadth and add additional features to our products. Automatic identification of damaged or dented containers during transportation; an algorithm for automatic identification and capture of the sides of the container; a container number recognition algorithm for containers that are difficult to read due to blurriness or dirt; and an algorithm for automatically recognizing the license plate remotely to control the automatic opening and closing of the barrier are among the new features.

According to statistics from February 2021 of Innovez One, of 4,900 ports in the world, up to 80% of ports are still continuing manual processes and relying on paper to manage their services. This means that pioneering businesses and ports in the digital transformation race will gain outstanding advantages and become important technology pieces in the current 4.0 race.

Smart Port will be the optimal solution for cargo ports.

The smart port will be a strong step forward, making a significant contribution to the current comprehensive digital transformation picture in Vietnam in particular and the world in general.



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