AI HACK 2020 contest – A glorious victory for BusMap Team

On December 6, the finalists of the AI ​​Hack contest organized by the High-Tech Business Incubator named the bSmart project in the highest position. With this award, BusMap team has been recognized as an honor roll AI solution in the technology industry.

From BusMap, an application with more than 2 million users, bSmart project leader Le Yen Thanh has developed more artificial intelligence application utilities to serve the needs of the people.

With bSmartNavigation, AI makes optimal recommendations on the route for users to choose based on traffic conditions, vehicle quality, etc. From there, users can save their time.

Meanwhile, bSmartTrip has demonstrated its strengths in transportation management for students, employees, and delivery services of businesses with intelligent algorithms along with facial recognition technology, cards, gateways and other IoT devices. Moreover, parents and schools can connect through an application to manage academics, exchange information and track the learning progress of students.

The most notable point of the bSmart project is bSmartETA - a solution that uses AI to forecast the vehicle journey. With the data of real-time location and travel history, the system will use the time prediction algorithm Kalman Filter and analyze traffic volume to give the exact bus arrival time while ensuring deviation less than 1 minute from reality.

With a reward of VND 50 million and an incubation program of VND 200 million per year, the BusMap team will continue to research and develop to achieve the best application conditions.

Let's look forward to the bold moves of the AI ​​Hack 2020 champion!

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