IoT Hardware

Phenikaa MaaS provides internet-integrated technology devices, proprietary algorithms, and multitasking management systems, which help partners optimize their business operation.

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Hardware IoT Solutions

We develop hardware IoT solutions to solve your business problems.


A technology device with algorithms that support student and employee attendance check by using magnetic cards to make it a quick and effective process.

Detect faces and behaviors

A monitoring device that makes mobility as safe as possible by detecting drivers' misbehaviors such as driving without fastening seat belt, getting drowsy, smoking cigarettes.

Journey management

bGPS device makes enterprise's fleet management professional and enhance the transport service as well as insure drivers' safety.

Display information at stations

A smart digital LED board that displays real-time information of the station and helps transport users be more flexible in mobility.

Monitor temperature and humidity

Smart sensor that monitor the temperature and humidity of refrigerated warehouse, provide the accurate real-time information of equipment conditions.

Core IoT circuit

A circuit that serves researching purposes and develops 4G or wifi-integrated IoT projects.

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IoT Hardware
Standard and Regulation Certification

High-quality technology equipments that meet technical standards for equipment applied in traffic management.

IoT Hardware
Professional and in-house production line

The devices are produced at a technology factory of Phenikaa Group with the best quality in Vietnam.

IoT Hardware
Competitive price

"Make-in-Vietnam" devices bring businesses the best solution at the most reasonable cost.

Our projects

IoT Hardware
Phenikaa Inter-level School

Integrate IoT devices including bCheckin with attendance-check support, bGPS tracking and shuttle bus tracking to provide efficient academic solutions for Phenikaa Inter-level School.

IoT Hardware

Applying bSmartLED device to LED panel design to update real-time information about VinBus routes, and send itinerary notifications to passengers on time.

IoT Hardware

Application of bGPS device to locate official vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, environmental vehicles, thereby support the city government manage and allocate vehicles on duty at appropriate locations.

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