Smart electric bus system by Phenikaa MaaS

26/9/2022, Phenikaa MaaS and VinBus conducted the signing ceremony to deploy the solution of smart electric bus operation.

VinBus's smart electric bus system has become very familiar to those who usually use public transport. All VinBus routes provide great user experience with modern services and eco friendliness.

VinBus App is made to improve service quality, make it easier for passengers moving by bus, and catch up with information quickly… The application is developed by Phenikaa MaaS with many convenient features such as: VinBus, electric buses and public transport information lookup, easy location search, bus route changes update, direct ticket payment...

Starting with BusMap, Phenikaa Maas has proved the value of smart traffic solutions. By developing the VinBus app, Phenikaa Mass hopes to improve service quality for customers, contribute to improving the green and modern public transportation system.

Tentatively, the application will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.