BusMap expands and reactivizes Covid Maps in two hot spots

Quang Ninh and Hai Duong have officially put the COVID-19 epidemiological map into operation immediately after community infections appeared in these areas.

More than 200 new cases have been found in the community, which led to thousands of complex F1 cases that are difficult to trace their epidemiology. At the moment, what people need is an epidemiological information map to monitor and prevent widespread outbreaks.

Epidemiological map - CovidMap

Epidemiological map - CovidMap

Get access to the CovidMap now at:

The COVID-10 epidemiological map is based on a database provided by the COVID-19 Steering Committee in Hai Duong province.


CovidMap is displayed as a regular map with dots showing the location of highly possibly infectious areas. This feature allows users to directly, easily, and quickly identify high-risk locations, thereby having the appropriate directions to move and avoid entering the epidemic zone. The map now provides information including:

  1. Isolation areas.
  2. Lockdown areas.
  3. The patient's house areas.
  4. The places where the patient visited.
  5. The places where the patient visited over 14 days.


        The places where the patient visited                                               Isolation areas                                           Lockdown areas

Besides information about the pandemic, CovidMap also recognizes whether the user's location is overlapping with the area at risk of infection. By this, users will know how safe their current location is and have an appropriate plan to move.

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